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Welcome to VoiceCastingBank, the place for voice talent and their management. Our goal for this site is for no repetitive tasks. What took minutes and required cutting and pasting, should take seconds.

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Each registered talent agency may designate users. Each user is entitled to a private and public space. Within the private space, a user can organize talent, read private messages from casting directors, store auditions that haven’t yet been sent and do other private things. It’s private, so whatever happens in your space is your business.

Within the public space, a user can list all of their actors. Included with each actor’s name is a demo and list of searchable characteristics. This is where someone searching for a voice has the opportunity to browse.

Each user of the system has the ability to create an address book of people they work with. For talent agents, this could include Casting Directors, Producers and even advertising agencies.

Agencies join the system on an annual basis and fees are assessed by location. If your agency has one address and multiple agents, you pay for one subscription. If you have offices in New York and LA or Toronto and Vancouver, you need to pay for two subscriptions.

Membership is free for Casting Directors and Producers. They pay by the job.

Producers and Directors also have a private space, in which to create jobs and forward them. They also have address book capabilities.

Actors can join through their talent management. Each actor receives enough space for 2 demos. Actors may purchase additional space and or enhancements. Packages will be available.

Any actors wishing to join this site must be represented by a talent agent.